2019 is a go!

Heart Beats is back for 2019! Our membership has continued to grow slightly, and we are adding some new elements this year, including a designated coffee / kitchen area, larger…

Almost here!

Black Rock City is getting built soon, and we’re very excited. Here’s a preview of some one of our LED art pieces we are bringing this year. Thomas and I…

Art Progress

Last year, we brought a prototype of our sound-reactive heart chandelier. (see below) We’ve learned a lot since then, and will be bringing some huge improvements this year. The piece…

We’re placed!

Great News! Heart Beats has been placed for 2018! We’ll be located at 2:30 and G this year. Come find us! Heart Beats 2018 Camp Location

2018 is a go!

Heart Beats is excited to be part of the 2018 burn this year. Plans are already underway, tickets are being acquired, and new members are joining the puddle! Stay tuned….