2019 is a go!

Heart Beats is back for 2019! Our membership has continued to grow slightly, and we are adding some new elements this year, including a designated coffee / kitchen area, larger signage, and LOTS of lights. Some new events this year include craft Mocktail afternoons, Yoga, a 5k fun run. As always, cuddling is 24/7! Come…

Almost here!

Black Rock City is getting built soon, and we’re very excited. Here’s a preview of some one of our LED art pieces we are bringing this year. Thomas and I build this sound-reactive beauty, but there are many to thank along the way. Heart Chandelier Preview

Art Progress

Last year, we brought a prototype of our sound-reactive heart chandelier. (see below) We’ve learned a lot since then, and will be bringing some huge improvements this year. The piece will be much sturdier, since it has a thick wood base and will be sealed with epoxy to protect it from the various elements. We…

We’re placed!

Great News! Heart Beats has been placed for 2018! We’ll be located at 2:30 and G this year. Come find us! Heart Beats 2018 Camp Location

2018 is a go!

Heart Beats is excited to be part of the 2018 burn this year. Plans are already underway, tickets are being acquired, and new members are joining the puddle! Stay tuned. 🙂